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How to Tie a Tie
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Step by Step Diagrams...
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About Us


We are a group of young entrepreneurs who had this crazy idea to start a website about how to tie a tie. Our oldest member Rich (my father) owns multiple businesses and decided to get together with my brothers John, Nathan and myself to start a business. Having a background in technology and trading our father Rich was able to help us put this site together. We noticed that there were not many great tie design businesses and we began the process. After long hours, hard work and help from all over the world our html was created for this great site. Once our html was created we then began to search for our displays. After extensive searching we found a good designer in Pakistan who helped us with these images.

After our site was created I (Matthew - 14) and my brothers John (16) and Nathan (11) began learning how to tie the ties directly from the images. We also consulted with some of our neighborhood friends to help us with this task. They helped us with things such as lighting and video production. After long hours and many mistakes, we created the videos you see today on this site.

My older brother John is well known for his piano and trumpet playing. He is a straight A student and a great example to us. I play the guitar, keyboard and violin. My mom says that I "rock". My little brother Nathan is just learning to play the saxophone and piano. With the funds we make on this web site, we plan on saving part of it for our college fund and sending the rest of the profits to third world countries. We have had the opportunity to visit Nepal, Thailand and Mexico and we decided that we wanted to do something to help the kids in other countries. We are grateful for all the people who helped make this website possible.

Learn how to Tie a Tie

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