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The United States has been the great popularizer of the tie. Oh, Europe had its share of tie fashions (and still does—Italian silk, anyone?), but the classy necktie has been a staple of corporate America for decades. Maybe that’s why Mens USA is called Mens USA. The US has done a pretty solid job at developing mens fashion. So turning to Mens USA coupons as a way to augment your corporate or otherwise formal wardrobe for cheap is just tapping into a great American tradition.

Men's USA Printable Coupons

See, the necktie first really took off in the 1940s. There were definitely ties around before then. You’ve probably seen the crazy contraptions people had contrived to put around their necks. Ruffles and lace in the 1700s. Complicated silk handkerchiefs knotted at the throat in the 1800s. Then the bow tie popped into existence with the steam engine and who knows whatever other technological wonders, and you can bet that if types like J. D. Rockefeller and others had access to Mens USA coupons, it doesn’t matter that they were already rich, they would have latched onto those savings and built their empire even as they built their wardrobe.

The 40s, though, were a time when people were coming home from the war and walking right into the office. Even though Americans encompassed all kinds of parties, races, ethnicities, cultures, and socioeconomic classes, the image of the middle class suburbanite became the poster boy and girl of the age. This middle manager wore his tie to the office. Sometimes it was flat bottomed; generally it was fairly thin; and if the missus back home knew that she could get a discount on his next round of ties with Mens USA coupons—or whatever the equivalent was back then—she’d be right on it.

Nowadays, Mens USA coupons are one way for people to do a little wardrobe augmentation for cheap. Expanding your tie collection, for example, allows you more choices of classy and edgy styles both. You’re able to be fashionable in unexpected ways. Perhaps your bold red tie with the blue stripes has become almost iconic. Well, when you can use some coupon codes or printable coupons to lock down some neckwear while holding onto some savings, you can surprise the boardroom—or the store room—with a new twist on your old style.

So the punchline is that getting your money’s worth—as well as dressing classily—are both perfectly acceptable American styles. And since Mens USA coupons are touted by a store touting its USA ness, you can be sure you’re finding something that meets the historical model. But it also meets the future. As time marches on, those who dress well and carry themselves better will be those who hold down the situations they’re in. So because the United States has popularized the tie, you can help keep up that popularity. That’s not just popularity of tie, though; it’s popularity of you, accomplished all while you save a buck in making your ties work.