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Anyone who has ever shopped for a suit in northern Utah is probably familiar with Mr. Mac stores.  Their multiple locations and aggressive marketing campaigns have made them an icon in men’s fashion throughout the state.  They work hard to provide one stop shopping at an affordable price for both missionaries and businessmen.   They make their consistently low prices even more reasonable by offering Mr. Mac coupons, discounts, and incentive programs.

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Mac Christensen began his career working for a large department store.  He noticed how horribly inconvenient it was for men when they wanted to buy a new business outfit.  They would have to go to one area to find a suit, another to find shoes, and still another to find shirts and ties.  In 1964, he opened his first store in a 1000 foot showroom, determined to run things his way.  Since that day, the Mr. Mac organization has worked hard to have everything a customer needs in one place.  In today’s economy, affordable business suits are must.  They work hard at keeping their prices reasonable, and provide Mr. Mac coupons to make their suits fit everyone’s budget.
Throughout its history, Mr. Mac has had a strong presence on television.  Most people who have tuned in to the Sunday morning broadcast of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir have seen a Mr. Mac commercial immediately following each episode.  For many years, the commercials consisted of Mac Christensen himself proclaiming the virtues of his company.  He is best known for the way he talks with his hands and for using the phrase “No one buys the way we buy. No one sells the way we sell.  No one.”
Mr. Mac has always been dedicated to providing business suits for working professionals, but in recent years they have expanded their focus to reach LDS missionaries.  Each year, thousands of young men and women from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints embark on a two-year proselyting mission.  While on their missions, young men are expected to where business suits with white shirts and ties whenever they are in public.  Mr. Mac caters to these young men by providing high quality, two-pant suits that can withstand the rigors of mission life.  They also provide a wide selection of white shirts, ties, and shoes that are designed to withstand constant use.  Young men preparing to leave on their missions find it very convenient to get everything they need from Mr. Mac, but they can also find it a little daunting when they see the final price tag.  To help with this, Mr. Mac coupons are available as well as other incentives for missionaries.  At one time, fathers of missionaries were offered a new suit at a drastically reduced price for the entirety of their son’s mission.

Mr. Mac coupons can be found in a variety of places.  They regularly have ads in local newspapers and fundraising coupon books, as well as in regular mailings.  Discount codes and downloadable Mr. Mac coupons can be more difficult to find, but they are still available to the savvy web user