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How to Prevent and Remove Wrinkles on a Tie


No matter how careful you are to take good care of your neckties, some wrinkles are always going to be inevitable. Even the most wrinkle-resistant fabric can develop folds and creases after being knotted up and around your neck for a long day. It can be difficult to remove the most stubborn wrinkles from your neckties, thus there are some simple steps you can take to keep your ties looking smooth and sharp, to hopefully prevent those nasty wrinkles from setting in.

If you have wrinkles or creases in your tie, yet they don't seem too horrible, you may want to try the roll-and-store method. Simply put the two end of the tie together and roll the tie up around your finger. Slip the tie off, and leave it rolled up overnight. This will help tighten the fabric and work out minor wrinkles.

For more serious wrinkles, the best thing for your tie is a little bit of steam. Try this: hang your necktie up in the bathroom while you take a nice, hot shower. It may sound kind of simple, but you would not believe how well the steam that fills the room from a hot show can help relax the fabric in your tie. The wrinkles seem to simply fall away! After your shower, let the tie hang there for a while as the steam dissipates, and, of course, be sure not to handle your tie while you're all wet, as water can damage silk fabrics.

If you are thinking about ironing your tie as you would a shirt or a pair of pants - think again! Never simply iron because doing so flattens the ties' nicely rolled edges. The best way to iron out wrinkles from a tie is to hold the iron, set low, about an inch above the wrinkle. Let the steam from the iron permeate your tie, and then simply smooth the creases out with your hand. Also, you may want to purchase a small hand steamer that is designed to gently steam away the wrinkles that form in the fabric where the knot is made.

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