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Wedding Dress-and We Don't Mean for the Bride


So you're getting married (or your son, your brother, your friend, or that one guy on high school who sat next to you in math class). Congratulations are in order and-if we had it-a nice, hefty sweat rag. No, we don't think that marriage itself is going to be unendingly exasperating (after all, it's still pretty popular). No, it's the process leading up to the wedding itself that brings on unnecessary sweating and fretting. Here at 2tieatie.com, we have tried to simplify at least one side of things. When it comes to how to dress at the wedding, our quick list has got you covered.

Some weddings will be labeled as White Tie when it comes to the dress standard. Chances are that if you are actually invited to one of these, you know even better than we do about what to wear. The ultra-formality of white tie evening wear is generally reserved for occasions more formal than your everyday wedding. Of course, your wedding doesn't need to be everyday (and if it's your friend who is getting married, you are as well aware as we that the mother-in-law knows for sure that it is not everyday), but the white tie look is the one that involves the white vest or tailcoat, the white bow tie, and the tailcoat. If you already have a white tie outfit, you're set. If not, go directly to the source. Find a tailor or other fancy attire establishment to get the specifics.

Black Tie and its various incarnations is a little less formal but still pretty stuffy. Here is where the tuxedo comes in; often, the groom will be the one in the black tie look (or perhaps white tie), to stand out, and others will be permitted less formal of dress. Black tie includes a black tie, excludes the vest, and opts for a dinner jacket instead of coattails.

Formal wear can mean anything from Business Formal to Black Tie. Business formal means that business-style suits are acceptable-even so, we don't suggest that you break out the khaki or the gray pinstripes for this. Keep it dark. If the invitation says "formal," check with a trusted friend who will also be in attendance. Be sure that the business suit and necktie are acceptable before you put that tux away.

Unfortunately, the colloquialization of sartorial terminology in modern times has also affected Semi-Formal dress. Sometimes, this means Business Formal, discussed above; other times, this is when colored shirts, bright ties, and khaki suits (even forgoing the suit coat at times) can come out. Again, be sure to check on details. When in doubt, though, stick to the more formal side of the semi-formal.

Dressy Casual permits sports coats and khaki. It might be safe to toss out your necktie at this point but it might be wise to keep one on hand. Do be aware that you can get away with a little more in terms of the overall look but keep in mind that you're still attending a wedding. Remember that if you're the groom, you still ought to go for the tux. Unless all the in-laws agree otherwise, your tux will be a permanent fixture of the wedding.

Casual dress means that everything goes, and Festive wear usually invites a dressier look than casual with holiday colors being the emphasis. Keep in mind that some weddings go to extremes of color and style, so beach wear, cowboy garb, and space-age jumpsuits may even be requested. Ultimately, you've been invited to come because you know somebody. Don't be afraid to make a phone call so you know exactly how to dress for a wedding. Humorous though it might be to turn up in an Aloha shirt with everyone else in coattails, it does spoil the wedding photo a little. Especially if you're the father-in-law.

This attire will go with any range of unique wedding dresses, to stylish fits.

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